Saturday, 2 January 2010

On the icey way to Birsay

The roads this morning were just ice. Overnight rain followed by a pre-dawn hard frost has left everywhere treacherous. 25mph was about top speed.

A fine, still morning and the tide was in. Purple Sands were all along the shore of the north bay and I counted 166. The bay was covered in Wigeon, there had been just two on nearby and almost completely frozen Loch of Boardhouse, estimate 500. Two Red-throated Divers were out in the bay, one was a first winter, being very dusky over the face and neck, the other a smart, contrasty adult. There were fair numbers of other waders but most notable was a Grey Plover. Gulls were in generally short supply, hopefully the coming northerly will bring something interesting in the next few days.

Mario has taken over in the household as the aquisition of a second DS has allowed for competitive play. In my day a denzin of the amusement arcade I am struggling against Ellen (7), let alone Mollie who consistently tramples me into the dust and nicks my stars, no pity for the old man.

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