Monday, 18 January 2010


Not much to report except the Ravens displaying over our garden (by The Shunan) for an hour or so this morning, I counted 10 at one time but I think there were at least 12 - they kept flying into the trees and flying off over the back.

Loch of Bosquoy holds a couple of grebes but they were very distant and the light was not so good and they were hungry grebes and kept going under the surface - looked like Slavs though.

Fulmar were going south at about 3,800 / hour yesterday afternoon from Marwick Bay, at the same time about 150/hour were going north. This is a real contrast to a week or so ago when the only Fulmars to be seen were buzzing around the cliffs or sitting on ledges.

The pilot whale is still on the beach.


Warren Baker said...

About time I had a Raven over Hadlow!

Alastair said...


Swap you for a Blue Tit, or even better a Yellowhammer.