Sunday, 24 January 2010


Twite - part of the large flocks at Costa

The corvid roost in the neighbouring sycamores was huge yesterday evening. A vast flock came in from the north and included 300 Jackdaws I guessed. I was surprised to learn this might be an Orkney record count of this species so I lay in wait today. Much good that did me really. The corvids came in from the west in two flocks, at 17:05, in the dark. Lots of jackdaws would be my best guestimate.

Yesterday's trip to Lock of Skaill was productive producing a nice selection of quality species - Slavonian Grebes, Hen Harrier, Barnacle Goose and Snow Bunting to mention a few.

Today we headed to Costa where there was a WEx event. The huge flocks of Twite were impressive and Linnet, Greenfinch and Merlin were also added to the year list. Novelty bird of the day was the Water Rail feeding in the garden which was appreciated by all, rubbish picture below.

Thanks to D & P for outstanding hospitality.


Julian said...

I hope you helped extricate its head, at the end of the afternoon.

Alastair said...

Na, took it off when the clockwork ran down.