Thursday, 22 April 2010

No redpolls here

The garden feeders have not lured any exotic and unidentifiable avians to this backyard. The feeders have played host to a steady clientel of Greenfinches and House Sparrows of late.

However, the view from the other side of the house is still rather good with Shoveler, Pintail, Black-tailed Godwit and Spotted Redshank all on offer at the right time (evening is usually best). Additionally a Brown Hare has taken to feeding on the lawn.

The cycle home was enlivened by a male Hen Harrier scrapping with a corvid across the back fields.


Nick Carter said...

Scraping what across the back field? :)

Alastair said...

A bit of pedantry there methinks? What do you think of the Chestnut / Clouded Drab Nick?

Nick Carter said...

Clouded Drab on shape but prepared to be wrong!