Thursday, 8 April 2010

Northern return

Yorkshire culture


Woodland stream


We've been away Sooth for a few days. On our return there is still a Chaffinch in the garden and the Blackbirds have finally begun to sing, interestingly late as I heard one singing by the police station in Kirkwall way back in February. Perhaps the Chaffinch will stay to breed, I've not heard that sing yet though.

I've had my fill of woods and the denizens thereof. Failed to find Willow Tit and didn't make an effort for Lesser Spot. Roe Deer and Tree Rat were observed.

Rather inebriated mothing, staggering in the early hours around the huge house our friends were renting north of Inverness capturing moths with a pint glass on the windows. Hebrew Character, 1; Common Quaker, 6 or so; Chestnut, 1.

On the way back across Bonxies were in evidence, one just off Scrabster and two in Hoy Sound.


Nick Carter said...

Glad you got back safely, great to see you all again and really looking forward to May now!

Alastair said...


Very good to see you both as well, sorry it was a bit of a fleeting visit.

Hopefully we can turn up some decent birds for you. I'll ask PH if you could go on the text alert system, I'll try and sort that out for you.