Sunday, 25 April 2010

Small fall

Willow Warbler

Chestnut (not?) most likely a Clouded Drab

Chestnut (er, probably no, see above)

Moths last night: Hebrew Character, 29; Clouded Drab, 1; Chestnut, 1.

Birsay this afternoon for late lunch at the mobile cafe and there was a small fall. I only looked on the north west beach but there were at least 7 Wheatear on there with one or two White Wagtails. Round at Palace there was a Willow Warbler and a Chiff in the first garden past the stores, at least three Sand Martins and a Swallow over the reed bed along the burn and a Whimbrel was calling.

From the garden today Reed Bunting, Snipe and Swallow were new for the year. Close calls were Linnet which flew over the garden but I was out of the garden so I can't count that for the competition (darn) and Wheatear which was in a field by our neighbours when we went visiting, too far away to rush home to try and get it. Other interesting things were a Fulmar that nearly made airspace, Long-tailed Duck on Loch Harray and a large increase in Tufted Ducks on Loch of Bosquoy with 142 there.


Stewart said...

Alastair, that looks like a 'red' Clouded Drab, though I may be mistaken. It doesnt look the right shape for Chestnut?

Alastair said...

Stewart, Hmmm, I was perhaps a bit quick to call this because as you say the shape isn't right but it was smaller than the clouded drab that was also in the trap. Another one for the recorder perhaps.

Stewart said...

Unless you get different races up there Alastair? The Chestnuts I catch are very plain apart from the dark dot. They vary from lemon to orange to dark brown, but dont have much pattern.

AndyC said...

I go for Clouded Drab,the only other thing it could be would be red Chestnut.........but I think its C B .

Alastair said...

Thanks chaps, awkward these moths arent they?