Saturday, 1 May 2010

Garden bird race stuff

House Martin was with Swallows over Bosquoy this morning, just the one. Much staring into the distance from the garden produced an excellent Merlin and a superb male Hen Harrier that went hunting in a back garden across the way. All the usual ducks were present with Tufted increasing to 368 on Bosquoy. Over by the mill on Harray loch side the suspected Ringed Plover showed again but I just couldn't nail it, a bit too distant, no doubt it will give itself up eventually. Linnets continue to show every time I step outside the gate, so uncountable for the competition.

However, effort was rewarded early evening as whilst trying to id the duck with chicks on Bosquoy a Short-eared Owl flew in to view and showed nicely by The Shunan. A moment later a look back for the duck and two Common Sandpipers flew along the the Bosquoy banks, nice.

A male Chaffinch was in the garden.

The moth trap is running, a bit chilly but overcast so I'm hopeful. Id seems to be the problem here as well, lets see what the morn brings.

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