Saturday, 5 June 2010

Back in action, just about

Hover, I should be able to ID this, we'll see.

Sitting in Inverness airport on Friday morning waiting for departure and I got a text, Gt White Egret in/off Birsay. This just had to be a wind up as the texter had taken considerable delight in directing Louise to this species almost exactly a year ago when I was in Yorkshire. But no it turned out to be real, just elusive as it has yet to be refound.

In the garden Red Admiral made its first appearance of the year and there were a bundle of hoverflies which I'm attempting to photograph and then (perhaps) ID. Down at Bosquoy there was a Silver Y.

Various fluffy oh, ah bundles were seen today including a brood of 8 Tufties on Bosquoy where there were also Curlew and Mallard chicks. Young Redshank and Lapwings were evident on The Shunan. Arctic Terns on Bosquoy were getting very aggressive indicating breeding and I flushed a Common Sandpiper off a likely nest (right by the path). Also around Bosquoy many Northern Marsh Orchids.

The sea fret was coming and going all day but never quite made it to Harray, although it did discourage coastal visits. The Starlings have largely fledged during the week and are now making a serious racket where ever they set up their stall.

On the negative side a pair of Red-throated Divers were new on Bosquoy, most likely indicating breeding failure, the same probably also applying to the pair of Pochard there.

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