Sunday, 20 June 2010

Chicks and various moths and things

Various micros from recent days, any ideas on ID gratefully received.

Pug sp, any ideas would be handy please.

Silver Y

Red Admiral in the conservatory

This garden Tiger was raised from a caterpillar collected locally, nice

Ellen with the Clouded-bordered Brindle of the standard form, see below.

Birds? This Curlew chick stopped traffic (well my car anyway) as it trotted down the track.

The gull chick conundrum was resolved when three Common Gull chicks appeared to be fed by ... a Common Gull dispelling my morphing theory having watched three Black-headed Gull chicks flying around The Shunan earlier in the afternoon. Shellducks are down to 5 but Gadwall are still on 7 and there are three pairs of Coots with chicks with a pair sitting. At least four pairs of Redshank, possibly more, Snipe are at two and Curlew at three probably, Oystercatchers probably at least four, I think the silage cutting got a few of them. I still can't quite figure out the Dunlin situation but they surely must be breeding.

The worst moment of the day was popping down to Loch Harray and having three Kittiwakes fly by. Didn't think they were a realistic hope from the garden. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of Scotland it's been a soft day, rain and mist, impossible to even see Loch harray from the garden today, let alone any birds on it.


AndyC said...

White shouldered House moth for the top one will get back to you on the rest later...Garden Tigers are so ...........Fantastic

Alastair said...

Thanks Andy, yes the tiger is a brilliant beast, the children released it today and it flew off strongly, though i'm told they're not uncommon here.