Saturday, 13 November 2010

Work stuff

Nice view of a Waxwing on Friday afternoon from a colleague's office. Meeting paused; Waxwing admired; meeting continued.

One of my weekly treats at work is to take a small group of children (8 year olds) birding. We spend about 40 minutes or so around the school grounds and then enter the data on to BirdTrack. We then have a look at some of the species we've seen via BirdGuides' rather good photo library. When we were wandering around last week one of the children pointed out her gran's house and then gave quite a good description of the Waxwing flock that had been feeding on the berry bushes whilst she was there the previous week, flock duly entered onto BirdTrack. This week the same pupil mentioned that she didn't think she had ever seen a Robin (quite uncommon here). On cue a familiar call was heard and we trotted over towards the grass compost heap. A very cooperative Robin hopped up onto the nearest fence post and then spent 5 minutes showing off in front of us. The children were suitably impressed and I felt rather pleased that I might have shown someone their first Robin.

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Nick Carter said...

Job satisfaction in a nutshell, good work!