Sunday, 19 December 2010

Garden birds

Season's Greetings

A Moorhen which Louise reported feeding in the garden in the last lot of snow reappeared yesterday morning, clambering on the wall outside the kitchen window, searching for food. Today it was joined by a friend and they mooched around the garden searching for food most of the day.

Moorhen in a blizzard

The Sparrowhawk was buzzing about first thing yesterday. Today I found a female down in Dounby with prey. Other than in gardens where they are being fed there are few birds about. 350 Greylags are up in the brassica field, there were 40 Teal on The Shunan yesterday.

Our garden and around the byers there are probably 20 Blackbirds, a Song Thrush, two or three Robins, two or three Dunnock and reduced numbers of House Sparrows and Starlings. The Collared Doves seem to have gone. It has snowed for much of the day adding several inches to the depth.

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