Saturday, 30 April 2011

Glazing and Tree Spugs

In goes the last bit of glass

A day spent in the garden, a beautiful sunny day and, at least here in Harray, very little wind. A Goldfinch was buzzing around. When I went inside to connect up the drill the Goldfinch was on the Nyjer and Tree Sparrow there when I came back. In the end I counted three and a quick call to PH added the species to his county year list attempt.

Brought in by one of the cats, I don't think he climbed up to the nest

A rare bird on Orkney and there were three on the feeders this afternoon, nice

Also today a Goldfinch, the Linnets again, two Swallows around the byre and Louise claimed two Siskin. PH texted to let me know a Sea Eagle was heading this way but it was most likely too high to see by the time it passed us dipped in any case.

Later in the afternoon 16 Pink-feet headed east over the house.

Here's The Shunan at dusk today

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