Sunday, 3 April 2011


The greenhouse kit has been cluttering up the garage and one of our sheds for a year now. It took me most of last summer to build the foundations and then it was too late to put it up. No longer! A greenhouse frame is now standing proud in the gardening plot. Of course it's blowing a hooley now, hopefully my handiwork will take the strain... Glazing may be put off 'til Tuesday, weather looks a bit shit for tomorrow.

Two pairs of Pintail and a Shoveler were on Loch of Bosquoy this morn, not sure they even attempted last year although both species showed plenty of interest, we'll see.

Mepits trickled over this morning, 6 in an hour went north and then another noted at 11.30 - that's powerful vis mig for Harray.

Lesser Celandine

Bad taste Kanye West - ah yes but he's good. Enjoyed the TOTP 1964 - 1975 on Friday, downloaded some stuff subsequently, Julie Driscoll / Brian Auger; The Stones; The Kinks - I am old, surely ancient.

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