Monday, 18 April 2011

Sea fret

Harray and Dounby were sunny much of the day, it looked like much of Mainland was clagged in though. As I came back home in the late afternoon the fog was building and tonight it's pretty gloomy.

There was a Goldfinch on the Nyger when I got home and 5 Linnets along the track.

Yesterday I heard a Wren at Loch of Bosquoy, so one has finally made the tetrad but still no sign of any around the garden or The Shunan. They have been gradually creeping closer with records of them in the Mirbister tetrad (to the north and west) at the end of March. It's surprising to me that it has taken them so long to return here as they were a common garden bird previously, the BirdTrack data shows the absence neatly.

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