Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sun and low, low tide

There was a Willow Warbler singing at work on Friday morning which is unusual. A careful look at The Shunan didn't turn anything up though. In the evening I went down to Loch of Harray, the hope was for an Otter but no joy there. I did find a Black-headed Gull colony that is either new or I missed last year and skulking amongst them were Pintail and Shoveler.

The house was surrounded by Pink-feet this morning I could hear them all the time and occasionally a few were visible. Then a neighbouring farmer scared them and there were Pinkies everywhere. probably 700 or so in all.

Loch of Bosquoy held 287 Tufted Duck today, I went down there this evening to check them out properly but they were just Tufties. There was a flock of 34 Redshank which was of interest as the local birds have been settled for a few weeks and interestingly North Ron reported an influx yesterday.

Loch of Bosquoy, dusk

The sea was very distant when we'd arrived earlier on Birsay Links where there were good numbers of Wheatear, perhaps 7 or 8, 3 White Wags amongst a good few yarrelli and 7 or so Sand Martins. We were "Bagging the Brock", joining the annual beach clean up, although no one else was doing The Links. We dragged two bag fulls back up to the village but it'll need another trip or three.

Louise and Ellen "Bag-the-Bruck"

Someone's nicked the sea

Pied Wagtail

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