Saturday, 14 May 2011

Arctic Terns

I spent the morning and lunch time watching Arctic Terns. First of all three appeared on The Shunan and there were at least 17 at Loch of Bosquoy. Then later we went to Skipi Geo and they were finally back there. There seemed to be about 100. Let's hope there are some sand eels for them to eat this year.


Joan Lennon said...

We saw quite a few near the Broch of Gurness, flirting with each other and generally yelling a lot - excellent!

Alastair said...

Hi Joan, good to see you last week.

I was showing Arctic Terns to children at another colony today and the terns were doing rather more than flirting, much to everyone's amusement.

Have you explored the Ivor Cutler clips on YouTube yet?

Joan Lennon said...

Sex education classes everywhere you look!

Yes, I've been forwarding Ivor Cutler clips hither and yon, to much amusement/bemusement.