Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dip, tick

Roared over to Birsay after work for the pod of Orcas, which had gone. They had long rounded the north end of Rousay; one day.

However, the next text message was more hopeful, White-billed Diver off the Broch of Gurness. I went over after tea, but a 15 minute drive. After a considerable search eventually got fine, but unrecordable views from the Broch of Gurness car park. The bird was in full summer plumage. It was actually a tick as I never counted the one I saw very badly from Filey beach and a very likely autumn seawatch candidate was just not quite tickable.

Tree Sparrow again in the garden twice today. First juvenile Starlingsat home today and in Eynhallow Sound four small broods of Eider.

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