Sunday, 28 August 2011




The wind was building yesterday and by this morning it was roaring. For some reason or other I didn't go seawatching first thing, probably a bad decision, as by the time I got to Point of Buckquoy (the Brough car park) storm petrels were piling past. Well, they were for the first few minutes when I saw five, I then took a further two hours twenty mins to see a further five. Nothing else doing, well not that I could see anyway.

Fulmar and Gannet from Saturday

Yesterday I had crossed to the Brough mid-afternoon and nearly got caught out, I think my tide calculations must have been awry as by 4.30 the causeway was covered and I had to paddle back to Mainland. Not many birds to see, but it was a good enough hour. I then went down to Whitaloo Point but saw nothing more.

The Shunan held a Spotted Redshank yesterday which I heard well but could not see and the Tree Sparrow is still with us. Louise had a pale phase skua sitting in the back fields today, probably an Arctic from her description.

 Starlings in the barley, Birsay

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