Thursday, 26 January 2012

Awesome sky

Having dipped severely on the aurora the other night, saw the glow in the sky and didn't bother to check it properly, dow! Then having two evenings when we thought it was buzzing but the cloud prevented a view, it was neat this morning to awake to a clear sky to the south. Of late the morning sky to the south has been at best misty. Mars shone brightly to the SW, but best of all was Saturn low to the south with its rings showing really well at x 45. Then just around 7:00 a.m. the ISS passed under it, very neat.

A little later as I went out to the car to de-ice it (that is not to scrape off Iceland Gulls you understand) a Woodcock circled the house and garden. 

Yesterday, to and from Kirkwall to a meeting, a 3cy Iceland Gull on the PDC and then a 3cy and an adult west of Finstown plodding around in a field near Binscarth, didn't even bother to stop to use the bins, well they're trash birds now (only kidding, honest).


Nick Carter said...

I should hope so, remember your Calderdale days mate, don't get blase :)

Alastair said...

Hey Nick, send us a Yellowhammer, or even better a Great Tit, sure we could organise a bit of a swap; how about 4 Kumlien's Gulls for a Great Tit? I'll have to save up for the Yellowhammer.

Nick Carter said...

I've seen 1 Kumlien's but thousands of Great Tits, I think we need to renegotiate the deal :)

AndyC said...

Any WWGulls will do

AndyC said...

Hi Alastair would value your opinion on this Jackdaw type

Alastair said...


Have a look here:

The text on bird forum suggests:
Some monedulas are really rather stunning, big pale collars and nicely mottled mantle and underparts.

The mottled mantle and underparts are important, I believe you need to see these features as well as the collar. From your photo the collar looks good but I can't make out the other features.

This was photographed in Lithuania:

Nordic is Corvus monedula monedula
Eastern/Russian is Corvus monedula soemmerringii

I will point out, despite scanning corvids a fair bit, I've never seen a good nordic/eastern one. There are not that many Jackdaws here in the winter maybe.

AndyC said...

Thanks , i see there is quite a lot of overlap between the two subb species,the mottled effect needs to be clarified..Nordic/Eastern is a good record for Halifax thats for sure