Monday, 5 March 2012

Bird race

Not so much planning, at least on my part, this year and we tried a different route, starting in the east and working west. Some plans went out of the window through lack of time, and maybe that walk at Orphir would have brought us a few more species, but 91 was a good total and equal to our effort last year. In addition I managed to hear the Finstown Hawfinch, which at least one other team saw and a disaster at the end with Little Grebe meant we couldn't add that to the total either as only two of us saw it and the clock ran out before it resurfaced in view. However, we did see the Burray Whimbrel (but dipped on the nearby Little Auk as two of us failed to see it before it vaporised). I was well pleased with the Toab American Wigeon which I'd dipped twice the previous weekend. Merlin at The Loons was good, both races of White-front were a combination I've not seen on a day before (only one tick though) and awkward things like Meadow Pipit, Dunnock, Song Thrush and our resident Tree Sparrow all played ball. The next effort will be in April or May when I have a go at the on the bike day, I'll need to beat last year's 71 which was a score curtailed by aweful weather in the afternoon meaning it was more like a half day score.

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