Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring perhaps

Not a very spring like day as a cool easterly was blasting across Harray and it stayed grey nearly all day. However, there were four Woodpigeons in the wood and two Lesser Black-backed Gulls on The Shunan. Fieldfares continue to head off with seven or so today across the fields, heading east.

The bird of the week was the Iceland Gull on The Shunan, a 2cy which flew in over my head as I was getting the girls into the car heading for work. We met the green van man on the track, picked up our parcel and had slightly better views.

I'm still battleing with the bird report, just two wader species to go now, thus the rather brief posts. Also it is bird race time and there is a crown to be defended. A certain amount of preparation has gone on but I wasn't very enthusiastic today and anyway had to go on a mission to Kirkwall to replace the completely disintegrated toilet seat which had been capable of giving one a nasty nip on the bum given the chance.

Some track repairs this afternoon ended up with the trailer shedding a tyre, should have checked the tyre pressures shoudn't I ...

The target for tomorrow is to better last year's 91, we shall see.

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