Thursday, 24 May 2012

Red day

Down at The Shunan at 5.30 heading for south isles but I had to stop and look,
good job too. Female Red-necked Phalarope was messing around the main island,
fluttering here and there and feeding.

By the time AL reported the Osprey at Brodgar I was at South Cara bushes
having dipped the darned Dotterels. It took a bit of a search but eventually I
was rewarded with excellent views - of a male Red-backed Shrike -  (and when I returned later before heading off it was singing). Also there a Spotted Flycatcher.

Down to Burwick and the various bushes near Cleat and beyond but apart from a
singing Chiff, a few Sedge Warblers and a Linnet mimicking an Accro mimicking a
Linnet (if you get my drift), made me think for a bit, not a lot. Checked Cara
again and the Dots fields but nothing more.

Driving out of Kirkwalll this afternoon, what was that falcon....? (A Kestrel
in the sun surely.)

However, this evening a Red-throated Diver flew over the garden calling.

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