Saturday, 16 June 2012

Scoter stuff

Surf, Common and probably 2cy Common Scoter
Photo Morris Rendall

Well it all got a bit exciting for a moment there with one of the scoters from last week being mooted as a Black Scoter (right hand bird above). Unfortunately when I went back today two of the original six had disappeared. I did think that the bird photographed the other day was possibly still there, based on individual markings. If it was then I'm pretty confident, although not rock solid, that it is Common Scoter. Hopefully I'll be able to post the photo shortly (not my pic, so awaiting clearance).

Other things? Well a nice juvvy wheatear at Hoxa head this afternoon. The Tree Sparrow and a few Siskin are still frequenting the garden, and I was pretty sure I heard a Greenshank on Burray but of course it called just as I got out of the car and not again and couldn't be relocated. The cuckoo is still present up behind our house.

Here is one of Morris Rendall's pics of my faithful Tree Sparrow, a cracking image as always, Morris.

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