Thursday, 5 July 2012


I haven't put the light out much this year, its been so cold, but last night was perfect, warm and with a thick hoar. Good result too with Poplar Hawkmoth and Small Rivulet new for the site and a nice selection of other bits and bats.

On Monday I found a Dark/Grey Dagger in the greenhouse when I was sorting it out, not seen that before either.

Bumped into our new neighbours the other day down at Bosquoy, readers and birders... welcome to Harray. Apparently the Crane had paid us a visit, but I'd missed it; I will get one in the tetrad eventually. Star bird of late was the Hobby that powered past the kitchen window whilst I was enjoying white wine and a prawn paela, no spillage fortunately. Whether I'll get it accepted is another matter. Siskins continue to be present, and the Tree Sparrow. Jackdaw numbers are up to 38. The Kestrels have three fledged chicks.

 Grey or Dark Dagger (advice please, are these do-able without dissection?)

 Assistant with Poplar Hawkmoth

 Poplar Hawkmoth

 Ghost Moth female

 Silver-ground Carpet

Small Rivulet (rubbish pic)


Nick Carter said...

orloetAccording to UK moths.....

This moth is almost impossible to tell by the markings alone from the Dark Dagger (A. tridens), and reference usually has to be made to the genitalia for confirmation. The caterpillars of the two species are quite different, however.

I guess that answers the question. Great post, really enjoying keeping up with how things are going for you guys, seeing Ellen makes us realise how much we miss you, she really has started to grow up.

Alastair said...

Thanks Nick, yes they're growing up, bit scary really. Will try and give you a ring shortly.