Monday, 13 August 2012

Double dip

Saturday morning and there appeared to be a small drop at Palace, first a nice adult White Wagtail and then an excellent Black Redstart, both on the Links Beach. Also present were six Grey Herons and a Sandwich Tern.

Encouraged by all this I weakened and went for the Black-headed Bunting on Sunday. This involved over three hours out on the boat, with a little entertainment from a 16 or so Arctic Skuas then just three and a half hours on North Ron before another three hours + back on the boat. The good news was the bunting was there and was seen just a few minutes before I arrived, the bad news was it did its vapourising trick when I started looking for it. Then 50 mins before the boat was due to leave news of a Citrine Wag came in, but from the north of the island. I needed to catch this boat so reluctantly declined the lift to go and search for it; it was found but a while later at a new location. Double dip.

The trip back was long and rather tedious with just a few migrating and distant waders and a couple of Manx to enliven the proceedings.

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