Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lesser Scaup or not...

Another FootIt outing, mostly to try to see the putative Lesser Scaup again and try to nail it. However the hound had other ideas and disappeared at top speed in the direction of Loch of Harray in pursuit of a Brown Hare. In the end this wasn't such a bad move as with a bit of application a nice drake Scaup (Greater) revealed itself amongst the large Coot flock. No sign of a Slav Grebe though.

Nice Whoopers again, there are a few about currently

Back to Bosquoy and the suspect was quickly located. In the end, despite a good number of features that are good for Lesser Scaup a view of the the wing in flight indicated that the bird is something else, as I was pretty sure that the wing bar was white in the hand.

Back at the ranch there were still two Goldfinch. The Linnets seem to have gone with the cold weather and Woodcock and Song Thrush are still missing.

It's a bit chilly here at the moment

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