Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mooching about

We've woken up to snow most mornings and today it snowed for a good bit during the morning, nothing sticking mind. Mostly over the last fortnight its been generally sunny but very cold. A Wheatear was seen at Mar Wick today.When I was there on Monday, looking for Jackdaws it was still and sunny and wheatearless.

Amongst the 61 Jackdaws at Mar Wick I found one likely monedula (Nordic Jackdaw), it was a tad distant though. I'm pretty sure that these are the Jackdaws that make up the majority of our roost, all I need to do is track them over the eight miles or so as they fly in...

I managed to relocate the Loch of Banks black crow and get some photos. When I saw it previously I was pretty sure it showed some grey feathers but these, rather distant, photos don't show any.

 Crow hunting

 Mmmm, looks like a Carrion Crow

...but I'm unconvinced, I think that the breast seems to have a brownish hue..., I need to get closer

This was just down the road, it might be the most subtle grey hybrid yet? (Looks like a black feather in the mantle.)

This is getting a bit obsessive. Neither of these birds is currently identified. Both would appear to be paired and on territory, with the near black/carrion probably nesting with a grey hybrid. More observations required.

This was rather nice at The Links on Sunday

Bosquoy held two summer plumage Red-th Divers on Tuesday

Plenty of Song Thrush about and the occasional Fieldfare moving through. A feature of Monday and Tuesday were the numbers of Skylarks that appeared to be moving through, 10 or 11 each day. Yesterday evening there were at least 800 Pink-feet in the field behind the house and on Monday evening at Mar Wick there had been 200 Pinks in the fields and an additional 110 flew north.

Botanical signs of spring

However, at the moment it's just as likely to be like this...

... and the rooks have to put up with this...

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