Sunday, 2 June 2013

North Ron weekend

Excellent weekend on NRon. Nothing startling, but still great birding. Actually dipped on the best bird due to an uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm for night operations (nightish at this time of year). Invited to head out to listen for a rumoured crake I elected to go to bed instead, being somewhat knackered. Of course it turned out to be good and a calling Spot Crake was logged.

Nice things were a Blue-headed Wagtail, two Curlew Sands, a Swift. However, the total over the two days of 380 Sanderling, nearly all in summer plumage, was exceptional for me.

Cracking place North Ron, excellent observatory, brilliant island, and often cracking birds, although they tend to take a bit of looking for.


Imperfect and Tense said...

In KOI now, awaiting the North Ron flight!

Just had a fab week on Westray, and we're looking forward to some Obs action :o)

Alastair said...

Good choice of timing, there should be something rare.