Saturday, 6 July 2013


Too much house stuff and looking after ponies, let alone work, has meant little time for posting, although I have been going birding, though mostly around home. Work pretty much ceased a week ago, but the decorating then required attention, oh and I watched some telly, well I couldn't actually get to Glastonbury and beeb coverage was pretty good. Have managed to listen to a lot of radio, some excellent beeb drama and the mastertapes series has kept me entertained whilst weilding the paint brush. Haven't bothered to go and look at the Rosey, well there's another problem as the car is currently undergoing some major health care.

Breeding birds are interesting, waders seem to have done pretty well, Black-headed Gulls also, but Common Gulls didn't look to be so good although two juvs appeared on The Shunan today. Quackers have been a bit disappointing, Shelducks have 4 well grown chicks now and the mallard are ok but at least around home Shoveler, Teal and Wigeon don't seem to have done much. In the last few days the first Tufted broods have begun to emerge.

A trip to Evie on Thursday produced a stonking sum plum Gt Northern close insure and the Artctic terns seem to be doing ok on Eyenhallow, with several hundred buzzing around and obvious signs of nesting. Eider don't seem to have done too well though with just 6 broods and plenty of ducklingless females flocked up and loafing.

Will get the pix together sooner or later.....

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