Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Even more waders

Returning from work a stop at The Shunan turned into a more major effort as Blackwits were coming and going continuously with a gathering of at least 42 at one point. Also present 5 Ruff, a Dunlin, two Redshank and probably as many as 60 Snipe. There was also a bit of a puzzle, seen briefly a couple of times in the vegetation of the islands, once with a Ruff and once amongst Snipe and Lapwings what looked like that wind-up toy of a wader - Buff-breasted Sand. Unfortunately I just could not nail it what with all that vegetation, the range, the imperfect light and of course the skulking nature of the quarry. I went back down after tea for another try and saw it again but still failed to pin down the id. Try again another day. Grey Heron again today which is roosting in nextdoor's trees, Robin which has been here a 9 days now, Ellen managed to tick off the Tree Spug for me and a Hen harrier was hunting all the waders.

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