Thursday, 15 August 2013

Now that's what I call birding

On 13th a juv Hobby decided to spend the middle of the day roaring about the garden and environs. Heard initially from indoors whilst I was sanding the kitchen table I passed it off as a Kestrel. An hour later I was sitting outside in the sun, taking a break, tea in hand, watching swallows trickle westward with a thought of "a hobby would be nice", two minutes later the speedy one returned chasing and chased by swallows it then picked on a passing hen harrier and enjoyed a good joust with that before heading high, returning to the garden and then disappearing.

Today there were two Spotshanks on The Shunan mid morning, seen briefly, but well. Whilst scanning the water and mud a distant raptor call was heard and looking up to home there were two juv kestrels roaring around the rookery with a diminutive Merlin. Also on The Shunan today 7 Blackwits and a ruff.


Nick Carter said...

Agreed, birding of the highest order. Can't wait until we go coastwards and hopefully get the same quality (if not actual species!)

Alastair said...

Howdee NC looks like I'll be sea watching soon.... Back to work on Monday tho