Tuesday, 17 September 2013

More Blackwits

There were 60 or more likely 80 on The Shunan this morning, depending whether I double counted a flock of 20. At the roost this evening though there were but 7.

A trip to Loch of Skaill p.m. produced 5 Snow Geese, three adults and two juvs, a species I've studiously avoided on Orkney to this point. No doubt these have bredd locally and were originally from feral german stock.

More interestingly there was a large and close flock of Aythyas on Skaill and with a bit of careful grilling I managed to find 16 Scaup amongst them. I was looking very hard for a Lesser amongst the 446 Tufties, no such luck. Also 5 Goldeneye.

A year without a respectable find so far....

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