Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Man flu

Close to death yesterday but having got through the morning I started to perk up later on today. From nasty wet sleet driven on a strongish SW wind this morning to sunshine and calm later this afternoon. A pre-return to work walk the dog was called for.

A Hen Harrier, the second of the day, the first was just outside the kitchen window earlier this morning was a good start, but best was this character which sat nicely for the camera.

This is also quite a scarce winter bird, or at least hard to see.

A bit further up the hill there was another Hen Harrier and 150 Pink-feet. Skylarks were heard overhead, so have returned to the breeding grounds. A single Meadow pipit was also in breeding habitat.

A large flock of Jackdaws (70) and Rooks (450) required scrutiny but they were  elusive and no monedula  could be picked out. 


Nick Carter said...

Hope you pull through mate, man flu is serious shit.

Alastair said...

I always find a wee dram or two helpful ... unfortunately this bout resulted in an empty Aberlour bottle