Sunday, 9 March 2014

Palace Sunday

Set off for Palace rather late and began by searching the Northside fields from the car. This goose caught the eye and at first I thought it was a Bean but further scrutiny later led me to the conclusion it was just a Pinkie. I find pink and orange very tricky through the scope, the camera seems to me to make the legs pink tho.

Arrived at Point of Buckquoy just in time for a very smart 3cy Iceland Gull to sail by probably caught up in a bit of light, large gull passage. Fulmars were whistling west at about 1800 or so an hour. The sea was quite spectacular.

Then on to the Links where there were still about 250 Twite, but this time with one Linnet, a species we dipped on the bird race. Also four Snow Bunts were very nice.

Back at home a hunt about late afternoon produced a Woodcock, a patch-bird for the year (seen in the 1 mile radius but not previously in the Partchwork patch).

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