Sunday, 13 April 2014

Deja vu

Well it could have been something else couldn't it? Find a BB for nil Patchwork points, because it's a species I've already found this year. To be fair it's likely to be the same individual but 18th January to 13th April with no sightings in between is "interesting".

It was at the far side of The Shunan and initially I just saw its arse disappearing into the vegetation, enough to call it in, Blue-winged Teal has a distinctive backside. It did reappear and then show off quite well but unfortunately I was unable to put others on to it, maybe it will stay longer than last time. (Very rubbish photo to be posted later.)

Other things today, a briefly heard Lap early on, the second Bonxie of the year, feeding on the now demised Pinkie that I once picked out of the wood and once picked off the track.

Pretty grim weather, cold wind, very heavy showers; great birding.

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