Friday, 2 May 2014


Yesterday there was a Whimbrel at Howaback which was finally nailed for the patch, after a few distant and briefly calling possibles, although after finding it I had to scoot back into patch boundaries so it would count for the Patchwork Challenge.

Today after walking the dog first thing I stopped again at The Shunan on the way to work and bingo the long predicted but elusive Garganey was finally added to the patch list.

Also this morn a Goldfinch, only the second of the year.

This afternoon the Garganey was still present. When I got up to the house and had a poke about four Common Redpolls were located. Then subsequently an additional redpoll visited the feeders. Also a Willow Warbler in the garden.

The Robins are breeding for sure, first time in five seasons, but actually pinpointing the nest is quite tricky, now fairly sure where it is.

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