Sunday, 8 June 2014

Crex crex

I've only heard this species once from the patch, actually from the garden late one summer. However, on my return from Cairngorm, Louise mentioned on that afternoon she had heard what she thought was one on the track. I wandered around that night, walking the dog, but no bananas. Early this evening and I discovered a serious lack of pasta, required for Jamie's pasta dish. As usual a pause at The Shunan for a scan, mmmm is that a Gadwall? Reverse up a bit and quite clearly not Gadwall.

Here's the rain coming in this afternoon.

Whilst in Cairngorm no time for birding really as working just about 24/7 however a singing Wood Warbler at the centre was very nice. Green and GtSp Woodies, Trepit and bril views of Osprey whilst canoeing on Loch Insh. Returned totally kn#####ed so no early starts, 11:30 out birding today.

Shelducks have four chicks, no idea how they've managed that as they looked to have failed weeks ago. Mutes on Bosquoy have 5 and the Sedge Warbler population seems stable with three pairs The Shunan, and at least two at Bosquoy, will be checking Howaback shortly.

After supper now - can hear it from the garden.

At Skail yesterday first Eider chicks of the year.

Whilst listening to the Corncrake this mepit showed nicely.

The Shunan as the Sun went down this evening.


Nick Carter said...

Fantastic, not many of those around here :)

Alastair said...

Not that many around here either Nick....