Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hoverflies and Pink-feet

The moth trap nearly blew away early this morn, out at six to recover it in horizontal rain, not opened it up yet. Hoverfly stuff quite exciting at the moment, thought I'd found a new one for Orkney by the kitchen window just to discover that my neighbour over the hill in Rendall had found it in 2012. Anyway this might be the third record of Chrysotoxum arcuatum.

Yesterday I managed to figure out that the smaller Eristalis species on the kitchen rocket are E. arborustrum, helped by the new tubes that arrived yesterday, just handy for moths and hovers.

 Long, fine arista

 No black face stripe

 Thick basal meta tarsus on hind leg, wing stigma diffuse

On the birding front still plenty going on at Bosquoy, although the Greenshank has gone it seems. A Goldcrest in the garden was first for the year and the Pink-feet are piling in now.

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