Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hovers and other stuff

Not the greatest birding weekend, bit knackered yesterday, truth to tell, and was a bit half-hearted with the birding. The Sun appeared for lunch and insects on the wing grabbed my attention with four Red Admirals in the garden and some interesting hovers by the kitchen window, on the rocket. Rain today, lots of it. and despite an ok northerly wind direction nothing of note, it wasn't really going for it to be honest, perhaps just touching Force 6 at times, needs to do a bit more than that, the constant rain didn't help either.

 Oh, and this happened Friday night, catch three, one of which was in there to start with.

Fantastic Blackwits today, right by the road at Palace, pity the light was so rubbish.

Caught some new moths the other day, both Small and Large Wainscott (I think), Haworth's Minor and Small Autumnal.

 Haworth's Minor

 Small Autumnal

 Small Wainscott

 Large Wainscott I think

Four of these in the garden on Saturday

 Probably Syrphus ribesii, on Comfrey leaf

Scaeva pyrastri

More hovers and micros to do yet.

Here is (possibly) the star of the show, I think this is Nicrophorus interruptus, new for Orkney if it is.

Here is N.investigator, the one we usually get....

Nicrophorus investigator

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AndyC said...

Nice selection there..haworths minor are always nice to see.................