Sunday, 12 October 2014

Yellow-browed and Firecrest

Yesterday was a good birding day. Still picking up bits and bods from the easterly blow at the beginning of the week, yesterday a Chiffchaff and a Blackcap on the Patch with plenty of Song Thrush still about and a few Brambling and Chaffinch. A text sent me to Kirbuster Farm Museum garden en route to Birsay and thanks to TW a very nice Firecrest which showed well. Interestingly TW and I heard the call quite differently with him hearing the emphasis in the first notes and I hearing the most difference in the last few. An interesting refresher. There was a Grey Wagtail by the garden there too. Then on to Palace where on the path to the Links quickly bumped into a Yellow-browed Warbler which flew across the path in front of us and then performed very nicely in the back garden of the house beyond the burn, calling and showing very well. A couple of Chiffs in the village too. Still wanting a Y-bW for the home patch....

New interests and posting more on Facebook are leading me to conclude that I may well not make further posts here. At any rate I'm going to take a rest. I will post some links to my Flickr site for photographs. Birding news is available on Orkbird2 and on Facebook. I will post links at a later date.

If I blog I want to focus more on corvid behaviour  so there may be further posts on my other blog, which in the past has been rather neglected.

Will update shortly with links.

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