Wednesday, 24 December 2014


A bit of an aurora Sunday night, then last night we dipped, as the cloud came in by the time we were on the case. Hopes for tonight as it is supposed to clear, we'll see.

Still a lot of Blackbirds about, 14 at Howaback yesterday with Redwings and the occasional Fieldfare. Flock of 16 Fieldfares today up the track in Mirbister. Best birds today were 24 Snow Buntings on The Links, it would be nice if they stayed for the New Year.

Patchwork Challenge is drawing to a close and it may be that this will be the first month of the year that I don't add to my patch total. Louise did find a Mistle Thrush in the garden earlier in the month but I was too slow responding to her text.... Still a few days to go, maybe Bosquoy will turn something more up. next year I've entered to cover two patches, the old Palace patch will receive more attention, 2013 was relatively disappointing there so I won't have a huge target to surmount. The home, Harray patch, has received much of my attention this year and it has been a record year with 118 species so far, plenty of new ones too.

ISS just sailed by plus two other satellites over just after, heading north those.

Howaback, yesterday p.m. hail coming

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