Sunday, 11 January 2015

Glaucous seawatch

A bit late down to the sea but between 10:20 and 12:30 seven Glaucous passed Point of Buckquoy. At least it was watchable today and Fulmars and Kits were passing with Fulmar at 3,000 an hour at a maximum and some hundred or so Kits passing (with just one juv). Also of note were 32 likely but not certain Barnacle Geese distantly east, a male Merlin, a Goldeneye drake. There was a good movement of Great Black-backed Gulls with nearly 100 in the first hour and a steady stream of Common Gulls.

Glaucous passing

After 12 I walked down to the whale bones with Louise and the hound. The waves were spectacular. The last Glaucous juv went by as we were by the bones.

Glaucous past the bones

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