Wednesday, 21 January 2015


The excitement of the weekend 's birding did not end on Saturday as a 2cy Iceland Gull flew past the kitchen window at about midday on Sunday and the Blue-winged Teal drake was still present. Careful observation of the duck associating with the drake by AL and myself showed it to be just Anas  crecca and nothing more exciting.

A trip to the Links with the hound was not very exciting just adding Song Thrush, although Carrion Crow and three hybrids were present.

Whilst running out of the house in Crocs and T-shirt to try to get better views of the Iceland Gull, which had vaporised, I disturbed a pipit in the field by the house which might have been a Rockit, unfortunately it didn't call and fled into the distance promptly, a species that I would like to add to the patch list and must be possible.

Another interesting moment from the Saturday at Bosquoy was the very small wader that flew with the small group of Golden Plover, really had me wondering but it was way away for an ID.... so it goes.

Patchwork running totals for 2015
Old Nisthouse - 50 species   FootIt - 44 (66)    Comparitive PWC 2014 - 117 (169 Pts)

Palace, Birsay - 36 species - Comparitive PWC 2013 - 93 (121 Pts)

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