Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bird race round-up

A great day out, good company, great birds.

Managing to get the Blue-winged Teal on the list early on was a good move, it gave excellent views at close range, although one team member seemed to find it hard to get on to it, causing a general degree of panic. A Peregrine proved helpful flushing the duck out of the vegetation, it then conveniently sat in a nearby field. Birsay produced the usual seabirds, Skaill most of the expected ducks,

including the Ring-necked Duck.

but no Green-winged Teal.

Large quantities of bread failed to attract any gull interest, or of interest, at Stromness.

White-billed Diver was located at The Hope.

And I managed to find a cracking boat at Waukmill Bay.

Total 88 with just two team members seeing the Woodcock and general panic ensuing when I almost failed to get on to the SEO.

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