Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Yank quaker roll

Definitely on a roll with the Yank quackers. For various reasons I had to be in charge of the riding arrangements this morn and whilst tacking up was going on took the opportunity to view Loch of Harray from the treatment works at Howaback. As usual there was a flock of Wigeon down there and today, due to the NW wind puffing a bit they were on the opposite bank, distant but viewable. Of course as well as counting I've always got the American Wigeon thought going on when I'm scanning these flocks and the very thought entered my head at the instant that recognition clicked in, "That is a Yank wigeon!"

Whilst I've seen three previously on Orkney I'd never found one before and a brilliant patch tick.

On getting back from holiday quite a few changes with many species now displaying in earnest, gulls and waders are sitting on fence staves, Curlew are bubbling and numbers of things are changing. At Palace yesterday there were over 100 Turnstone and I couldn't find a Purple Sand, one Sanderling was nice. Also the first inkling of migrants with a smart male Blackcap traversing the gardens by the palace.

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