Sunday, 14 June 2015


I've been working away for the last week and fair knackered to be honest. Didn't see much south to be honest, a couple of Osprey being the highight.

Getting home, stuff to do. Did manage to get out to Palace on Saturday, but most of the waders seem to have gone.

Did find this at Palace tho

Rhingia campestris

I'd missed the hoverfly course last weekend as too tired and had to get ready for working away. With moths being a non-starter, trap scored 0 last night, searching for hovers seemed a fair alternative. The Rhingia is common nationally, and obviously quite common here as there was one at home today. That was easy to id, this is a tad more tricky....

Male and female of what I think is Platycheirus clypeatus but this species requires some serious scrutiny so I'm unsure - ah, Roger Morris says it's Platycheirus manicatus, a common species in the north! The thorax is quite dull and (with careful observation) dusted, a diagnostic feature. 

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