Thursday, 23 July 2015

Gulls and insects

The Birsay patch has given up Little Gull and Iceland Gull in the last few days. I seem to recall that I didn't manage an Iceland Gull there until July last year. There has also been a trickle of waders through including a few small flocks of Whimbrel. The Little Gull was a surprising patch tick, a surprise that I haven't managed one before. Unfortunately it didn't hang around and I only managed a record shot.

I'm still wading though volumes of pictures of Diptera, mostly Syrphidae but a few other things as well. I'm trying to key out this Empid (I know I could ask on UK Diptera but that would just be lazy.

Empid sp on Marsh Cinquefoil

I think this photo really shows the potential of the new Nikon for macro work, I am just so impressed with this camera. I've been taking a few landscapes as well.

Well, skyscapes really.

I've been identifying, and getting help identifying Syrphids, the genus Eristalis is especially frustrating as these things seem to key out but everyone is very cautious about nailing them to an actual identification. I'm hoping that the obvious thick hind metatarsus on this will make it a certain E.arbustorum (just been confirmed so chuffed, a tick).

Eristalis arbustorum

...and it seems I can have this as E.nemorum.

Eristalis nemorum

...another tick. The males do a wee dance over the females, but this one got confused...

Eristalis nemorum and Beautiful Golden Y
Here are some waders from Birsay.

 Whimbrels, 10 of 11



Ah, and a last thing, the new scope has got a nice new jacket, and the scope a tripod head that actually works, thanks to the folk at Cley Spey (again) for really prompt service.

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