Monday, 3 August 2015

Quail and little things

This afternoon at Palace there was a Little Gull (2cy, likely the same one as was there a week or so ago) and a summer plumage, adult Little Stint.

Yesterday's Quail that called from lunchtime til early evening wasn't evident today, and the Crossbill seems to have gone.

Sedge Warbler seems to have bred and have fledged young at Bosquoy.

Some hovers...

 Cheilosia illustrata, three of these down by the wee wood, where there was also a Volucella bombylans.

 Eristalis arbustorum or E.abusivus, a tricky species pair

This is Eristalis intricarius, today's star hover, new for me.

Fair catch in the moth trap as well, some micros still to sort out.

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