Sunday, 6 September 2015

Birding biker, flying visit

Gary came by during the Orkney leg of his massive tour. With the UK green list in the bag he's now aiming for the European record. He continues to repeat his previous tour of visiting every UK RSPB reserve.

Gary is raising money for a number of good causes, donations can be made here -

 ... and off to Birsay Moors and Rousay

The moth trap brought a wee new beast for the year in double quantity, Acleris rhombana

5 Soots finally gave themselves up at Pt of Buckquoy, and I still haven't seen a Manx...

There was a nice flock of 6 Ruff at Northside on a newly cut field.


AndyC said...

Acleris is interesting looks like a lat/com or even schalleriana...or are they all rhombana on the islands,????

Louise said...

Thanks for the flattering photo Alastair!