Sunday, 20 September 2015

Harray mostly

 Angle Shades from the moth trap on Saturday, also Acleris sparsana and Garden Rose Tortrix which were both new for the year.

 Tricky to ID a male Syrphus sp. Also around over the weekend H. pendulus, E. pertinax and a likely E. abusivus as well as a further gang of Syrphus sp.

 Little Stint at Palace this weekend. But bird of the weekend was the Redstart at the Howaback bushes, too elusive for a pic though. Thousands of Golden Plover at Howaback on Sunday and an influx of Reed Buntings. 

Golden Plover

Common Seals at The Links

Sunday's moth trap held two new species for me.

 It is suggested that this is Square Spot Rustic, can't see it myself (not Brick though I'd agree) comments welcome



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